Living Room Decor Ideas 2021 : New Designs

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    Due to the Covid-19 virus, which affected the whole world in 2021, many workplaces switched to remote working model, giving their employees the opportunity to work from home. Many people who want to work in a spacious and high quality area in their homes have started to renovate their homes. 2021 living room decor ideas were the most sought after by those who generally prefer the living room as a working area.

    Our separation from nature and the streets in 2021 caused the living room decor ideas to change. In 2021, when green and fresh colors came to the fore, the design concept of living rooms changed completely.

    2021 living room decor ideas that will refresh us:

    Living Room Decor Ideas 2021

    Decor ideas for small living room

    If your living room is small, you should first pay attention to the lighting of the room. The light color and chandelier you will use in lighting can make the appearance of your room much more beautiful. Do not forget to choose special lighting for small living rooms by considering these warnings.

    Prefer White Colors

    Remember, the color white is always attractive and alluring. Do not hesitate to use items with shades of white to make your small living room more attractive.

    Flying tulle curtains always make the house look more spacious than roller blinds. A glass coffee table will always be in harmony with white.

    For Small Living Rooms

    If your living room is narrower than you expect, a small corner in front of the TV will always be stylish. You will need to put the coffee tables on the edges of the corner sets. Again, do not be afraid to use white and light gray colors.

    Hang a Large Painting

    If the chair has walls next to it, hang a large artistic painting just behind the chair. When choosing the painting, you can choose an image with intense black, white and gray tones.

    Suggestions for Large Families

    If your family is crowded but your living room is small, you can gather family members around a coffee table. You can put a single seat, double seat and triple seat around the coffee table and fill the entire space. You can also color your room with lampshades, poufs and paintings.

    Choose the Right TV Unit

    You have a small room, but if you want to use the room more functionally, you can choose a multi-purpose TV unit. The TV unit, where you can use both the top and the bottom of the coffee table, can create a spacious space.

    Useful Shelves

    You can hang small useful shelves on the walls of your room. This will save you space and give you a more stylish room.

    New Design Chandelier

    You can completely change the mood of your room with this diagonal and new design chandelier. The wooden design and the yellow color will be in harmony with the light. A table made of walnut wood and wooden bookshelves will also complete the magnificent design harmony.

    Barrel Table

    If you want to add a different atmosphere to the living room of your home, you can use the barrel coffee table as an accessory. You can use different shades of white and blue as colors. Of course, make sure that it is in harmony with the general color of your room.


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